Molding Technologies

We operate 43 injection molding machines ranging from 28 to 3,500 tons of clamping force. This variety of equipment allows us to produce parts of nearly any dimension in an appropriately sized machine, ensuring maximum efficiency. We utilize servo-driven machines with state of the art controllers to ensure all process parameters stay within specifications at all times.


Lakeside Plastics is an experienced, full service supplier of in-mold fabric wrapped parts. We offer in-house custom fabric cutting as well as robotic trimming and sonic welding systems, ensuring first class quality and efficiency.


Assembly Technologies

Lakeside is excited to be breaking new ground integrating collaborative robotics into our production systems. Collaborative robots are robots that are designed to work with human operators, taking advantage of both the robots’ ability to execute repetitive jobs and the human operators’ flexibility. These robots can be reprogrammed in a matter of minutes, allowing us to respond quickly to changing customer requirements. They are designed from the ground up to be safe and do not require guarding or interlocks, meaning that they can be easily re-positioned throughout the facility to assist with jobs wherever they are needed most.


Our collaborative robots also have built in machine vision systems that assist with quality assurance and facilitate quick and easy programming.

Wherever possible we build our assembly equipment to take advantage of automation and error-proofing.

Quality Control

Our shop floor data collection is second to none: We use a custom-built system to manage all aspects of our production operations, including:

  • Press cycle data collection
  • Production reporting
  • Real-time inventory control
  • Internal order fulfillment
  • Operator training and experience
  • Real-time quality alerts
  • Automated labour scheduling to minimize quality and ergonomic concerns
  • Automated dispatch for supervision and maintenance
  • Assembly equipment reset tracking
  • Comprehensive safety data
  • Job scheduling and build-out control
  • Preventative maintenance

This user friendly, touch screen system provides unparalleled insight into our production operations and allows us to proactively identify and respond to problems before they impact production. The combination of advanced data collection, dedicated personnel, carefully refined systems, and unwavering discipline allow us to maintain world class quality metrics year after year.


Our metrology department uses both traditional bridge and portable, optical CMM machines to ensure that everything we produce meets customer requirements. Our portable equipment allows us to inspect parts, molds, and assembly fixtures right on the shop floor or at a customer site. The data collected during this process produces complete, accurate CAD models quickly and easily.


Custom Fabric Cutting

Our fabric cutting department produces components for our fabric-wrapped parts, as well as custom cut insulator material used on parts for applications where noise and vibration are concerns.